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The story behind the Boutique Hotel Himmelrich

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1909 the year when Mr. Hügi opened the Pension Hotel Himmelrich.

There were 20 rooms a restaurant and a garden. The Pension Hotel Himmelrich called around and everyone was happy about a new hotel in the Lucerne region.

Many celebrations were celebrated in the hotel.

There is a wonderful atmosphere.  

Unfortunately, the pension caught fire  

In 1912 and it was no longer in use, which is why Mr. Hügi gave up his management of the Pension Hotel Himmelrich in 1913.

The building stood empty for several years until Mr. Camenzid ventured out to buy the hotel and renovate it, reopening in 1989

with the name, Hotel Himmelrich.  

unfortunately there were problems after the new opening so that the hotel had to deal with closures.

later the hotel got new owners and it was running smoothly, the atmosphere was still the same, you enjoyed the time when you were in the Hotel Himmelrich, but something was missing.

so the owners decided to do a major renovation that lasted up to 2 years.

The Boutique Hotel Himmelrich Today


07/15/2021 the day of the Grand Opening, the day when the doors opened again after a long time and everyone was warmly welcomed. 
The Boutique Hotel Himmelrich has 29 renovated rooms, including suites with one of the most beautiful views in Lucerne. 1 culinary restaurant called Restaurant Heaven where you feel like you are in 7th heaven and of course the highlight, our terrace  with a direct view over the whole of Lucerne. 
The hotel is furnished in a noble style, but the Swiss tradition  is reflected in it. 

We look forward to sharing the story with you  of the Boutique Hotel Himmelrich. 

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